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BluestSoft DiskArchiver OneTouch Home 2012 (5 PCs)

Small enough to fit in a top desk drawer or a carry-on bag for the plane, BluestSoft DiskArchiver OneTouch Home is a USB product that’s roughly the size of an iPhone and embedded with powerful backup software. 


By simply plug it into the PC and pressing the One Touch Backup button (OTB), the software kicks into gear, quickly capturing a backup of the entire hard drive or, if preferable, segments of the drive — specific files, folders and additional partitions. 


This is for use on up to 5 PCs.


500GB Disk Model and 1TB Disk Model are available.

Please check below for how it works.


Product Overview

DiskArchiver OneTouch Home can take an image backup of an entire hard disk or partition by pressing One Touch Button. The backed up image will be one compressed archive file.


As the hard disk or partition image is backed up, if your hard drive is broken (and replaced with new one), you can recover the complete conditions by restoring archive from DiskArchiver OneTouch Home, without doing the tedious process of OS re-installation and update, each application's installation, each configuration setup, etc.


As DiskArchiver OneTouch Home includes 5 PC licenses, you can use the product on up to 5 PCs. DiskArchiver OneTouch Home identifies each PC automatically and retrieves each PC's settings as default values.


Even if there is a PC that OS does not run, you can recover the OS by connecting DiskArchiver OneTouch Home, booting from it, and restoring an archive, without using CD. 

  • One Touch Backup: If you just press One Touch Backup button on the DiskArchiver OneTouch Home USB device, a backup will start to run automatically without user's intervention.

  • Backup and Restore a hard drive or partition: As DiskArchiver OneTouch Home takes a complete image backup of a hard disk or partition, you can recover the complete conditions for the PC including the system OS. You can also select and recover files and folders from the archive individually.


  • Backup and Restore files/folders: You can back up multiple files/folders as one archive file. The entire contents in the archive can be restored to the original location and also the individual files/folders in the archive can be restored to any location.


  • Continuous Backup on Windows (VSS): DiskArchiver OneTouch Home supports Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service fully. While Windows is running, DiskArchiver OneTouch Home takes a snapshot, which takes just a few seconds, and performs the backup without losing the performance noticeably. You can also work for other applications while DiskArchiver OneTouch Home is running. 


  • Booting from DiskArchiver OneTouch Home (Windows PE) DiskArchiver OneTouch Home can run not only on Windows but also on Windows PE, which is one of the most reliable boot OS. So, you can boot from DiskArchiver OneTouch Home and perform a backup or restoration without running Windows.


  • Standard Backup Method: Standard Backup backs up the only valid sectors on a disk or partition that have data. Normally it takes faster to backup and creates an archive smaller. It is suitable for most users.

  • Whole Sector Backup: Whole Sector Backup backs up every sector on a disk or partition. It takes slower to backup and creates an archive larger. As it backs up entire sectors exactly, the archive will have all data in the disk including the one that cannot be detected by OS. It is suitable for those who want to back up exactly same data on a disk or partition for like data recovery.

  • One Click Backup: A backup can be also taken simply by one click. You can set up the task in the repeating task as one click backup and perform it by double-clicking One Click Backup button.


  • Repeating Task: If you want to repeat the same backup task again and again, you can save the configuration as a repeating task and take a backup by selecting it from the next time.


  • Other Options: When needed, there are many more options available such as Backup Speed, Compression Rate, Encryption, Split, and Exclusion settings. 

How to use One Touch Button

1. Connect DiskArchiver OneTouch Home to PC


Pleas confirm DiskArchiver OneTouch Service icon is displayed in the notification area, and then connect DiskArchiver OneTouch Home to PC via USB.


Please confirm DiskArchiver OneTouch Home USB is detected by Windows.

* It may take more than several seconds that Windows detects the USB drive.


2. Start One Touch Backup


Press the following OTB button to start backup.



When the button is pressed, the following count down message is displayed and then the actual backup process starts.




When the backup is complete, the following screen comes up.



Please confirm the backup result and click "Finish" to close the backup process.


Supported Operating Systems


Windows Application:

Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
Windows XP Home Edition/Professional
Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2000 Server

* Latest Service Pack should be installed.

* Administrator Privilege is necessary to operate the program.


Boot from USB:

OS independent


System Requirements



Windows Application version (Run the application on Windows):

Pentium-class processor


512MB RAM (1GB recommended) 


Boot from USB (Boot from USB and run the application on Windows PE):

Pentium-class processor


512MB RAM (1GB recommended) 

USB bootable

* Windows PE will reboot automatically after running 72 hours from the first boot strap.

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