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BluestSoft DiskDeleter EX EXE 

DiskDeleter EX EXE is a reliable client-server solution (Client: DiskDeleter EX EXE, Server: DiskDeleter EX Server) and good for the companies who erase data on many PCs on regular basis.



DiskDeleter EX EXE is an executable file, requires no CD, floppy disk or USB, and is guaranteed to permanently erase hard drive data from PCs.



DiskDeleter EX EXE runs on Windows, reboots the system automatically, and erase all data on hard disk drives completely.

All deletion progresses, results, reports, etc. can be monitored and managed by the DiskDeleter EX Server.




We offer free customization for most DiskDeleter EX EXE default settings, along with four free format entries per customer. If further customization is needed, we can provide it for a nominal fee. If you are interested in trying out a demo version, or request a quotation, please contact the sales,  sales@bluestsoft.com.

How is DiskDeleter EX EXE used?
  • Case1. If DiskDeleter EX EXE is used with remote operation tool (like pcAnywhere, etc), MIS can access the target PC remotely and run the program to erase the entire data completely. The delete progress and delete report can be managed in the DiskDeleter EX server.




  • Case2. If DiskDeleter EX EXE is located in the network share drive, the end-user (employee) can access it from his/her local PC and delete the data on the PC completely. It is good to be used in the off-lease return.


DiskDeleter EX EXE Functions

DiskDeleter EX EXE

  • It is an execution software program that does not require CD, FD, or USB.

  • Free customization is available for most default settings and 4 free format entries.

  • It is based on advanced technologies (special disk access technology, multi-tread technology etc.), which permit the highest performance of erasing data – the incredible speed comprises 12sec/GB for a single disk, 8sec/GB for two disks and the more disks, the faster! *

  • Delete progress is uploaded to the server automatically

  • Delete report is uploaded to the server automatically

  • One screen interface with mouse and key board (hot keys) operation

  • Supporting multiple disks/partitions deletion

  • Supporting surplus sectors deletion

  • 12 delete methods including DOD5220.22-M

  • Delete result is visibly displayed in red (when error occurs) and in black (when the process is complete successfully) 

  • Detailed delete report (CSV):
    Delete ID, Unique ID, Report Memory, Delete Time, Delete Report Version, Report Company, Delete Start Time, Delete End Time, Disk Model, Disk Serial No, Disk Bus Type, Disk Size, Disk Sectors, Disk Write Errors, Disk Clean Info, Disk Verified, Disk Status, Disk Test, Disk Bad Sectors, Disk Cleaned Sectors, Disk Cleaned, Disk Formatted, Disk Report Copied, Disk Partition, Delete Method, Delete Result, Entry1, Entry2, Entry3, Entry4, Delete Software ID, Delete Software Name, Computer Manufacturer, Computer Model, Computer Serial No, Computer Name, Computer Memory, Bios Manufacturer, Bios Version, Bios Date, Bios Serial, Bios Make, Bios Model, Processor ID, Processor Manufacturer, Processor Name, Processor Speed, Processor Clock Speed, Processor Family, Processor Socket String, Network Mac, Network Adapter Name, Network Description, Display Vendor, Display Product, Display Memory

  • As it is an execution software program, it can be located in the network drive and MIS (or PC user) can remotely (or locally) run it on Windows. The program will reboot the system and run DiskDeleter to securely erase the entire system data.


DiskDeleter EX Server

  • The DiskDeleter EX Server  can be located in the BluestSoft Data Center or in the customer's location.

  • View current client PCs' delete progress

  • All delete reports are managed in the list box and view, sort, edit, delete, export, import, and print out each delete report easily.

  • Offline license usage can be uploaded to the server.

  • Make a monthly royalty report quickly.



* The data is measured in the environment of 596.17GB SATA Disk: Western Digital WD6400AAKS, CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3800+, Memory: 445MB, and System Manufacturer: Compaq-Presario.

DiskDeleter EX EXE Interface


[DiskDeleter EX EXE]


Main Screen

DiskDeleter EX EXE has one screen interface. It runs on Windows, reboots the system, and run to delete data automatically.


Summary Screen

If a delete process is completed successfully, the summary shows like below.


If a delete process is failed, the summary shows in red like below.



[DiskDeleter EX Server]


Current Progress Screen

Each PC's delete progress can be monitored in the server.


DiskDeleter Running

The status displayed in blue shows that DiskDeleter program is currently running.



Delete Progressing

The status displayed in green shows that the actual deletion is currently performing.


Completed Successfully

The status displayed in black shows that the delete operation is completed successfully.


Completed with Error, Aborted, etc.

The status displayed in red shows that the actual deletion is finished without success.



Delete Report List Screen

Each delete report is displayed in the list. If the delete operation is not completed successfully, the item is displayed in red.




If you select an item by clicking the check box, and click "Print..." button, the following screen is displayed.


Click Print button to print out the official delete report in one page. 


Supported Operating Systems


DiskDeleter EX EXE


Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional/Ultimate
Windows Vista Home Basic/Home Premium/Business/Ultimate
Windows XP Home Edition/Professional
Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2003 Server

Windows 2000 Server

* Latest Service Pack should be installed.

* Administrator Privilege is necessary to operate the program.


DiskDeleter EX Server


Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2003 Server

* Latest Service Pack should be installed.

* Administrator Privilege is necessary to operate the program.



System Requirements


DiskDeleter EX EXE


Pentium-class processor


512MB RAM (1GB recommended) 

* Windows PE will reboot automatically after running 72 hours from the first boot strap.

DiskDeleter EX Server


Pentium-class processor

512MB RAM (1GB recommended) 

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