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BluestSoft DiskDeleter BASIC USB

DiskDeleter BASIC USB is a handy tool to erase hard drive data completely. 

You can carry the tiny tool of DiskDeleter BASIC USB device and delete all data in the PC completely just by plugging it into a PC. *


DiskDeleter BASIC USB works on most of the old PCs (minimum 4MB memory) and also has a great performance of erasing hard drive data at the speed of 21sec/GB even for the old PCs. Because DiskDeleter is designed based on BIOS (Basic Input Output System), which accesses hard drive directly without using any drivers, it is normally faster and more reliable than others.**

* It is necessary to change the boot priority to USB Boot as a primary boot device in the system BIOS before booting from DiskDeleter USB. For more information, please contact customerservice@bluestsoft.com

** The data is measured in the environment of Parallel IDE: WDC WD800JB 76,316MB, CPU: AMD Sempron 2200+, and Memory: 655,360K

Why DiskDeleter BASIC USB?


DiskDeleter BASIC USB is a simple and high performance tool to erase Hard Drive data completely.

  • To Protect your confidential information, BluestSoft DiskDeleter BASIC USB guarantees to permanently erase hard drive data on your PC.

  • Program boot up time is just about 5 seconds or less.

  • DiskDeleter BASIC USB works on most of the old PCs (minimum 4MB memory) and also has a great performance of erasing hard drive data at the speed of 21sec/GB even for the old PCs.

  • DiskDeleter BASIC USB supports 6 delete methods including DOD5220.22-M, which is the guideline published by the US Department of Defense for erasing hard drives to guarantee that all data previously contained on a drive is deleted permanently. 

  • Easy to use interface allows even novice users to successfully wipe hard drive data.

  • In accordance with generally accepted reporting standards, the delete reports can be saved as an text format, providing detailed information about PC model, PC Product serial number, hard disk information (type, model, serial number, and size), and so on.

Product Interface

Run DiskDeleter by USB boot

If you plug DiskDeleter BASIC USB into your computer and power on, this screen automatically comes up.


Please see more information about how to use the wizard at DiskDeleter BASIC USB Help.


DiskDeleter PRO Functions
  • Simple wizard interface

  • Supporting surplus sectors deletion

  • 6 delete methods including DOD5220.22-M

1. Zero Write 
2. Random Write 
3. Random Random Zero 
4. DOD 5220.22-M 
5. NATO Standard 
6. Peter Gutmann

  • View each byte of disk contents

  • Easy to see the Operation Summary. If a delete process is completed successfully, the summary  shows in blue. Otherwise it shows in red.

  • Detailed delete report (Text):
    Software and its version
    System Manufacturer/Model/Serial No.
    Deleted Disk Type/Model/Serial No./Size
    Delete Method
    Delete Result
    Operator Name


Supported Operating Systems


OS independent


System Requirements


Pentium-class processor

SATA/PATA/eSATA/SCSI/RAID/USB/IEEE1394 hard drive that a system BIOS can detect


USB or CD bootable


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