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About Deleting Data
Do you think that emptying the Recycle Bin will permanently delete files?
Do you think that formatting hard disk will permanently erase hard drives' data?
Actually, neither erasing files by emptying the Recycle Bin nor formatting hard drives will destruct data permanently.
Why aren’t they erased?
For example, to erase a file on Windows by emptying Recycle Bin means just to put information of "ERASED" in the index area. Data itself remains in the data area without being erased. Unfortunately, the file can be easily recovered and viewed by data recovery software within a few minutes.
Please try this data recovery software, DataUndeleter to see if erased files on Windows can be recovered.
So if you want to sell, donate, discard, or return your computer, you need to make sure to eliminate your confidential information such as:
ID and Password
Social security number
Financial Documents
Human resources data
Tax Records
Corporate Trade Secrets
Bank account
Customer database
Credit card numbers
And more
How to erase data permanently
To erase a file permanently, you need to overwrite data (for example, 0x00, 0xff, random value, etc) in its index and data areas. Normally, even if you simply overwrite zero (0x00) on a file once, the data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software. But unfortunately the data overwritten once or twice can be recovered by magnetization pattern analyzers such as Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM). In general, to erase data completely, it is recommended to overwrite data at least three times.
BluestSoft DiskDeleter supports DOD5220.22-M, which is the guideline published by the US Department of Defense for erasing magnetic media to guarantee that all data previously contained on that magnetic media is deleted permanently.
DOD 5220.22-M overwrites data total three times, first by 0x00 once then its compliment value 0xff once, and finally random values once. After the final process is complete, the disk is read to verify data to make sure there is no lingering pattern.
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