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The DDS 2000 was engineered for safe and easy data destructions for any storages to protect your information from identity thieves. DDS 2000 is a high-end system with a high speed CPU and motherboard, and 2.0GB of RAM. The solid built aluminum tower case has wheels for easy access servicing of the system. 

The system is configured with 6 trays plus one optional tray and three front I/O ports (2 x USB2.0 and 1 x IEEE1394) and designed for years of service.  The system is fully configured and ready to use *upon receipt.

* Monitor is not included on the DDS 2000 system.

Product Features:


Three Front I/O ports:

(1) USB x 2

(2) IEEE1394 x1 


Six trays configuration:

(1) PIDE (3.5")

(2) PIDE (2.5")

(3) SATA (2.5" and 3.5")

(4) SCSI 1/2/3 ( 80pin)

(5) SCSI 1/2/3 (68pin and 50pin (with adapter))

(6) Flash medias:

CompactFlash Type I (CF-I)
CompactFlash Type II (CF-II)
Extreme CompactFlash
Extreme III CompactFlash
Ultra II CompactFlash
High Speed CompactFlash
XS- Xtreme Speed CompactFlash
CompactFlash Elite Pro
IBM MicroDrive
Hitachi MicroDrive
SmartMedia Card (SMC)
xD-Picture Card
TransFlash (requires adapter)
Memory Stick (MS)
Memory Stick PRO (MS-PRO)
Memory Stick Duo (MS-DUO)
Memory Stick PRO Duo (MS-PRO DUO)
High Speed Memory Stick PRO
High Speed Memory Stick PRO Duo
Memory Stick MagicGate
Memory Stick MagicGate PRO
Memory Stick MagicGate Duo
Memory Stick MagicGate PRO Duo
High Speed Memory Stick MagicGate PRO
High Speed Memory Stick MagicGate PRO Duo
Memory Stick Rom
Memory Stick Select
Extreme Memory Stick PRO
Extreme III Memory Stick PRO
Ultra II Memory Stick PRO
Secure Digital (SD)
MiniSD (requires adapter)
Extreme Secure Digital
Extreme III Secure Digital
Ultra II Secure Digital
Secure Digital Elite Pro
MultiMediaCard (MMC)
High Speed MultiMediaCard
MultiMediaCard 4.0
Reduced Size MultiMediaCard
High Speed Reduced Size MultiMediaCard 


Optional tray:

One optional tray is available per request. Supporting tray includes 

PIDE (3.5"), PIDE (2.5"), SATA (2.5" and 3.5"), SCSI 1/2/3 ( 80pin), SCSI 1/2/3 (68pin and 50pin (with adapter)), Zip drive, JAZ drive, and Flash medias.

HW Specification: 
CPU: Intel Pentium4 3.06GHz

Memory: 2G DDR2

SCSI controller: LSI 21320 dual channel Ultra 320 64-bit SCSI

Dimension: 5.1" x 25.5"x17.1" (W, D, H)
Drive bays: 7 x 5.25"
Fan: 2 x 12cm ball bearing fans 
Front I/O: 1 x IEEE 1394 port and 2 x USB 2.0

HW Features : 
Interior three zones design for better heat dissipating 
The fans are fixed with anti-vibration rubber rings 
Aluminum door with lock 
Sound insulated foam inside 
Aluminum casters with brake 
Crenulated edge of side panel 
High quality stainless power button 
Removable sound damping cover for the fan in the rear. 

SW functions:

DDS 2000 is a specialized computer to delete data in storages completely. After power on to boot the system, Delete program, DiskDeleter, automatically starts to run in one sec.

Please see more information at DiskDeleter Set up Help.

View each byte of disk contents
Securely delete hard disk data with 6 most important secure delete methods
1. Zero Write
2. Random Write
3. Random Random Zero
4. DOD 5220.22-M
5. NATO Standard
6. Peter Gutmann
ReFormat disk
Save report on each of deleted disk. You can check the delete report by booting from the disk.
Confirm the delete result by comparing disk contents of Before Delete and After Delete
Easy to use wizard interface
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